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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday October 29, 2014

Rating: 7 (  flat this morning) 
A. Snatch High Pull. Squat Snatch, 1.1 per min x 9 mins - 3 min @ 175lb, 3 min @ 185lb, 3 min @ 195lb, reset b/t reps
* these felt pretty good, no issues with anything
B. AMRAP Squat Clean Thruster in 7 mins - use 85% 1RM Thruster (275lb?)
17 reps
went with 235 which is a little higher than a 275 1RM as I assume my 1rm is a little higher then that but I havent tested it.  This was tough for me today, kept catching the clean in a weird spot which made it tough to transition overhead. failed a rep in the last minute bc I lost my balance forward on the way out of the hole , wanted a minimum of 20 so I was a little disapointed in performance here

rating: 7 ( long day, and my running is rough right now) 
3 sets:
7-10 Ring Muscle-ups 10 every set UB
10 sec rest
AMRAP unbroken Strict HSPU - 34” max width 14,11,10
10 sec rest
3 min Run @ 75%
3 min rest
Runs were a bit short of 800m but there it wasn't marked out so Im not positive exactly how far it was 

Tuesday October 27, 2014

Rating: 8 
Heavy TGU practice with Barbell
Left side is noticeable weaker than my right
did 135 fairly easy with the right, couldnt get over 125 with the left, just kept dumping it forward 
10 sec AirDyne ALL OUT per min x 5 mins
3 sets - full effort:
20 sec Power Clean and Overhead @ 165lb 7,7,7
20 sec AirDyne 12,14,11 cals 
4 min b/t
this hurt pretty good, power clean and overhead felt strong though

10 min EZ AirDyne

Rating: 7 
KBS/Wall Ball/BJ event from Southie
time: 7:34
* can get the time down to 7 or below 7 if I speed up my box jumps, I was doing step downs which was stupid, but I thought it would keep me fresh, workout is too fast to pace out like that. I also should do the first set of WB unbroken, no real reason to break those up but  I did

Monday October 27, 2014

rating: 7 ( a little tired this morning) 
10 min EZ Run
10 min mobility
10 min EZ Run
10 min mobility
the runs although not that challenging blew up my calves, probably the lack of exposure, good thing I am getting in some running this week to get used to it 

Rating: 7 ( still feeling pretty flat) 
A. Front Squat @ 22X1, work to a tough single
225, 275, 325,355, 375
maybe could have gone up abit but this was tough for sure 
B. OHS, work to a single
did a few too many sets building up and I was feeling a little tight in the bottom today, probably from the running earlier in the day
225,255, 275,295, 315X
I controlled 315 down into the hole and then as I was standing up it just pulled me forward
C. Play with the Snatch + OHS event from Southie
just did a mock run through of the event, weight felt super heavy today, I hit 225 and failed at 235, 
D. 10 Chest to Bar per min x 7-10 mins - stop it/when they cannot be done unbroken
these felt really stong today, 10's every min and it didnt get too tough

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday October 25, 2014

Rating: 8 
A. Snatch Pulls, 3-3-2-2-1-1, 2 min - reset b/t reps - 3’s @ 265lb, 2’s @ 275lb, 1’s @ 285lb
focused on keeping my weight back longer and that helped, I was pulling these high today
B. touch n go Power Snatch @ 155lb, 5 reps per min x 5 mins
done easy 
C. 5 sets - ALL OUT, no pacing:
30 sec Row
30 sec rest
*Damper set to 6
*NO pacing, go HAM
*Record meters and avg pace per 500m each 30 sec work interval
*Rest on rower b/t sets
*Hold onto handle, but do not pull before the start of the 30 sec interval…be honest with this
Meters/ 500
1: 179/1:23.7
2:178 /1:24.2
3. 171 / 1:27.7
4. 170 / 1:28.2
5. 168/ 1:29.2
Today was one of those days where I just didnt have that extra gear, I was pulling the hell out of the rower but it was only getting down to 1:22 or so, On a good day I hit 1:17-1:18 pretty easy, I think I endured well but power output wasnt great.  it was still miserable, but I wasnt that beat up afterwards as I was expecting to be. 

Friday October 24, 2014

rating: 9 ( felt good this AM)
A & B were probably a little bit tougher than moderate 
A. Snatch, work to a moderate single
260, * 5# PB, more there, I wasnt feeling too crisp today
B. C&J, work to a moderate single
315, this wasnt too tough, jerk flew up
C. Heaving Snatch Balance, 2 reps @ 225lb per min x 10 mins - use blocks to drop bar
solid here, took a while to get used to using the blocks, never done balances here
D. Medium Incline Trap 3 Raises @ 2010, 4-6 reps x 5 sets, rest as needed

rating: 7 
AMRAP Chest to Bar x 1 set to failure
37 reps, 
* my gymnastics feel stronger and crisper than ever but they fatigue out pretty fast, my first 20 reps I was flying and thought I was going to crush my previous of 39 but once I hit 30 I hit the wall and started kipping them, grip and biceps gave out
10 min rest
30 Kipping HSPU to 10” Deficit for time
Time: 4:30 
didnt know what to expect here, should have pushed harder, wasnt in jeopardy of failing a rep throughout
10 min rest
21,18,15,12,9,6,3 unbroken for time:
Toes to Bar
Shoulder to Overhead @ 95lb

Wednesday October 22, 2014

rating: 7 , not a great session 
A. Squat Snatch, 2 reps every 90 sec x 6 sets - start @ 155lb, add 5 lb per set, drop each rep
jumped 10 # each rep, by accident finished up with 205, all solid reps no fails
B. Power Clean, work to a moderate single
hit 295 easy, jumped to 315 should have had it but it pulled me forward, prob went a little too heavy on this
C. touch n go Power Clean until failure @ 66% RM
2 reps
30 sec rest
3 reps
30 sec rest
Bar cannot stop/pause during the reps, goal is to complete 10 reps
not happy with this considering your target for me to hit, did it @ 205#, after the set of 5 I was breathing heavy and knew it would be tough to get to 10, completed 7 and got 4 reps in round of 8, should have at least gotten into the round of 9, just lost the grip, and felt a little disjointed the whole time, I think I over pull on moderate loads and it takes a lot of energy out/ crashes on my shoulders making it pretty inefficient 

rating: 6 
15 sec AirDyne ALL OUT x 4 sets, 3 min
30 sec Row ALL OUT x 4 sets, 3 min
all sets @ or around 1:22/500 , happy with this 
double KB Front Rack Carry @ 32kg/arm, 400m for time - perform 10 push-ups every break
this was miserable, this was either supposed to be grueling or I have some work to do, took me about 17 min and I dropped 10 or so times , it was pouring rain which made gripping the bells tough but still it was shoulder and scap fatigue that made me keep stopping

Tuesday October 21, 2014

rating: 8 
Free Handstand Hold - stay tight/in-line
getting better at these, felt solid, got a couple 10 second holds in 
Handstand Walk, 25ft unbroken per min x 5 mins
complete, not too tough
AMRAP Strict HSPU to 5” Deficit in 2 mins
15 reps 
For time:
30 Pull-ups
20 Chest to Bar
10 Bar Muscle-ups
time: 4:13
this wasnt great, UB pulling endurance is not good right now, after the 30 regular pull ups I felt blown up, made the chest to bars tough and then the MU even tougher 
AMRAP Strict HSPU to no deficit in 2 mins
30 reps 
I's, T's and Y's, 5 reps per position x 5 sets, rest as needed -

rating: 8 
5 sets @ high effort:
9 Ring Dips
15 KBS - 32kg
21 Row Cals
2 min b/t sets
wrote down my times for this but they got erased, every set was consistent and around 1:50, last set was the fastest.  KBS were easy, had to go slow and not kip the ring dips bc I was feeling a little bit of a pull in the chest, didnt want to push it,