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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday April 12, 2014

Rating: 7 ( different schedule today, we had an event going on at the gym so I had to get both workouts done by about 12pm.  Im used to just starting my first at about that time, either way it was good work)
3 sets @ high effort:
500m Row
20 toe to bar
3 min b/t
all sets UB 
3 sets @ high effort:
40 cals AD
20 ring dips
3 min b/t
2:40,2:44, 2:45
first set UB, then 15/5, then 12/8
21,15,9 unbroken:
GH Raises
GH Sit-ups
These were far from unbroken, took me about 10 min of messing around with the machine to be able to do one.  Felt like my hams were ripping off the bone.  not sure if this is just lack of exposure or what but these were hard.  this took me about 10 min bc of the GH raises. 

For time:
50 alternating db power snatch @ 75lbs
200ft right arm db walking lunges @ 75lbs
200ft left arm db walking lunges @ 75lbs
50 db goblet squats @ 75lbs
14 or 15 minutes to complete didnt write down the time bc I was in a rush.  power snatches went well, got them done in just over 3 min .  The walking lunges were brutal for me.  I had to break every 50 ft .  It was lighting up the opposing side of my lower back. I suppose that was the idea.  It was definitely good work. Goblets felt light but were also lighting up my lower back by that point, had to break those up too.  

** Havent really had a chance to write anything about the open, mainly because it felt like it was still going on in my mind because I left myself in limbo.  Able to take a step back from it I am extremely happy with my progress from last year.  Last year I placed 155th in the region, this year I am up almost 100 spots.  All with workouts that I wouldn't say favored me at all ( except for 14.3).   If it weren't for the 5th workout I would have placed in the top 48, I a not unique in that respect as I am sure a bunch of guys are saying the same thing right now about one workout. I think all of the workouts went really well for me except for the 5th one.  I think I built the 5th one up way too much and there was a lot of anxiety surrounding it.  It shouldn't have been as hard as it was for me.  In a non pressure situation I am sure I can do better.  I also learned that for one reason or another I am not too good at repeating workouts.  The only workout that I repeated and did better on was 14.5, and I think that was just because my 1st attempt was so bad.  This can be looked at as a good thing, maybe I empty the tank on the first attempt and then don't leave much left on the second.  Not really sure but this could be to my advantage in a competition setting where guys don't get 5 shots at a workout.  

 In regards to regionals I needed 8 guys to go team to get a second chance and based on the leader board I see that 12 denied invites in my region. Have not received an invite yet so I am not saying it is definite but based on the numbers I should be going.  Almost feels like I have been given a second chance.  If I get the invite I plan on making this one count.  

Friday April 11, 2014

A. Front Squat, build to a tough set of 5
more in the tank here, 225 and 275 felt heavier than 315
B. Power Snatch. Above Knee Hang Squat Snatch, 1.1 - work to a tough set
I didnt see the squat part of the hang so I stopped at 205 for a power snatch. hang power snatch 
C. Squat Clean and Split Jerk, 1 rep per min x 9 mins - 3 min @ 225lb, 3 min @ 245lb, 3 min @ 265lb
these felt solid, all good reps
D. 20 rope climb to 15ft for time
6:15 . Didnt feel fast.  could have been quicker back to the rope

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Rating: 8
30 min @ 75%/moderate:
250m Row
25 DU's
25 cals AirDyne
25 DU's

rating: 8
For time:
10 Bar Muscle-ups
20 Shoulder to Overhead @ 135lb
30 Toe to Bar
40 Deadlift @ 135lb
50 Wall Balls - 20#
Time: 7:00
Bar muscle ups felt awkward and bc of that had to break them 5/3/2, I should be able to do that unbroken.  I also broke on the shoulder to overhead which I wasnt planning on doing, did those 10/10.  Everything else was according to plan. T2B 5 fast sets of 6, deadlift 20/20, and then finish out with the wall balls unbroken.  

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Rating: 7 ( a little better than yesterday but still not feeling great)
A. Deadlift @ 20X0, build to a moderately tough set of 5
225,315,365,395, 415
415 went up pretty easy, just didnt push it too hard here
B. Push Press. Push Jerk. Split Jerk off blocks, 1.1.1 - work to a tough set
255#, the push press felt heavy today
C. Push Press. Push Jerk. Split Jerk, 1.1.1 @ 225lb per min x 5 mins - no blocks, taken from rack
these felt solid, fun to do 
D. 3 sets:
10 double KB Walking Lunges @ 32kg/arm
10 front squats @ 32kg/arm
3 min b/t sets
legs were burning, breathing go a little heavy on last set, remember not being able to do KB front squats well so it felt good to be able to grind through

rating: 8 ( felt good here)
EMOM x 20 mins:
1st - 4 ring muscle-ups
2nd - 1 legless rope climb + 5 strict HSPU
* everything unbroken, best muscle ups have felt in a while, i guess when i dont build pressure around the situation I am better off, need to remember this

Monday April 7, 2014

Rating: 6 was not feeling it today
A. Back Squat @ 20X1, build to a tough set of 6
225, 315, 365, 385 
* 385 felt like a truck, I almost didnt go down for 6
B. Squat Snatch Cluster, 1.1 - work to a tough set
145,175,195, 215, 225 ( failed second), 235 ( failed second)
C. Squat Snatch, 2 touch n go @ 205lb per min x 5 mins
failed second on first set, so I went down to 195, hit all others, just didnt feel comfortable today
D. Snatch Balance. OHS, 1.1 @ 185lb per min x 15 mins
These didnt feel bad, as the sets went on they got easier, not sure if I was just opening up the overhead position or not but this is usually the case

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday April 5, 2014

14.4 re-test
Not a great testing environment, we were doing a competition at the gym and people kept walking in and talking to me as I was trying to warm up, also a bunch of people watching while I was going which I am not used to.  Either way I over paced and did not have too much time on the muscle ups. Got onto muscle ups at 11 minutes which is way too late. only got 15 

Friday April 4, 2014

Rating: 6 ( was not feeling too good today, lack of focus as well)

A. Snatch, single
145, 175, 195, 225, 245X
everything was going up not too bad, until I hit 245, hit the wall, missed it twice
B. C&J, single
195, 225, 245, 275, 305 ( Failed the jerk)
* these really didnt feel strong, got very frustrated around 275, got pissed and smashed the cleans but the jerk just felt off 
C. Back Squat @ 315lb, AMRAP in 30 sec x 3 sets, 2 min b/t
not maximal efforts but still hurt a bit 7,6,6